Friday, March 18, 2011

The Housekeeping Incident(s)

The Maybe Boyfriend and I recently spent a few nights together.   We stayed two nights in a hotel in our home city, then we hit the road and spent a day and a night in a nearby (4 hours away) city.  We wanted to get to know each other, without having to change the sheets ourselves.  Hotels are the perfect place for knock down, drag out sex with privacy and anonymity.

The first hotel had a restaurant, so for the first two and a half days, we didn't have to leave the hotel walls.  We had room service, drinks and LOTS of sex.  This was the whole idea, right? have lots of sex and decide if we were as compatible in real life as we had been on our first two dates and over the two months of text and phone calls that followed. I met The Maybe Boyfriend during a break from school. I had come home for a month. We had two dates and then we were separated by my return to school. This was our first time seeing each other since we met.

Anyway, the first hotel ... It was great. I had been worried that the sex would be bland.  Our connection, otherwise, was intense, fun and refreshing.  Of course, the sex would be the deal breaker. Nope. It was great. He was everything I wanted. The first time was great.  It was a good hour of midday sex. After, we waited about 30 minutes, then we did it again. We took a nap and then had some dinner.  Then, we came back to the room, had sex again and slept more.

At some point in the early morning, I awoke to him pressed against me. I couldn't resist and before I knew it, he was inside me again.  It was just as hot as it had been the first four times.  Then, without warning, I looked up and there she was.  Our housekeeper had just let herself in. As she stood there gripping the clean towels, with me on all fours, my friends hands gripping my waist, our eyes met. She uttered some barely audible apology and saw herself back out.

It happens.  She should have knocked, but she didn't and so she had to deal with the consequences. We forgot to latch the door, so we, in turn, had to deal with ours.  We didn't let it bother us too much.  We finished up and had seconds, then we made our way down to the restaurant for breakfast.  Later that day, she let herself in again and this time she got a glimpse of me getting out of the shower. SAME LADY.  I was starting to think she wanted a show. Our room was comped for the two days and the hotel bought us dinner.

We got up early the next morning, so there was no chance our new friend could bust in before we finished and got out.  The better part of the morning was spent driving to our next destination.  I couldn't wait to spend some out-of-bed time with him, but in the back of my mind, I was longing to get back between the sheets.  We had a full day and around 6 pm we were able to check into our hotel room.

We both had a shower and then we got right down to business.  This time, it was even more intense.  We were on the table, against the wall ... he even picked me up.  This was a first.  And it was all well worth the wait.  It was exhausting and we both fell asleep really early.  We had planned to go to dinner and have a drink, but we didn't make it.  We were both out.

The next morning, we were back at it.  The sheets were tossed off the bed. Since we fell asleep unexpectedly, we hadn't turned the lights off or ... you guessed it ... latched the door.  And before we knew it, we had a new audience. Okay ... enough was enough. Do housekeepers always just walk in?!? I guess they do. This time, the surprised middle aged woman got a view of my partner's rather lovely ass.  Of course, instead of just lying there, we both sprung up, revealing all of our lovely 200 parts, as I yelled "Don't come in!"  It was too late.

As we were checking out, we passed the housekeeper and she was not shy about pointing and laughing. Of course, he cracked a joke and I laughed. Glad no one was uncomfortable about it. Maybe we can all get together for brunch next time we are in town. We can even invite our Houston audience to join.  I guess these things happen, and since I'm not really the type to stop the passion and make sure the door is latched, it might just happen again. One can hope...


  1. And you told me you were so much more interesting last summer. Ha!

  2. ok i am a nut about the little do not disturb goes up as soon as i check in. chances are..if i am in a matter what the reason...i don't want to be bothered!!! i had no idea they just walked in like that though! knock people!

  3. Been there, done that. This was laugh out loud funny. U know, somewhere in all these blogs, U have a pretty entertaining movie.


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