Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guest Post: Tales of a Slutty Roommate

The following is a submission from an anonymous male reader.

Putting your amateur sextape online is fairly harmless these days, right? There's so much porn out there already and so much more being added every day—no one you know will ever see it. How could they?

Statistics. That's how.

My last roommate liked to fuck. A lot. He once estimated that, since losing his virginity at 14, he had slept with over 1500 men. That seemed like an impossible tally at first—how does someone even get to that point? Jim (as we'll call him) wasn't necessarily that hot, but he did have an amazing ass and a pretty decent cock, plus he fucked with no shame. We never actually had sex—I don't stand in a line that long for anything—but in a magical land with no consequences, I could’ve been talked into it.

At 29ish years old, 1500 dicks breaks down to about 100 per each sexually active year or just under two a week. Especially in New York City, it's not hard to believe that a reasonably fuckable man with loose standards could wander into a new dick every three or four days. I could even see how he could spend years racking up those stats without ever really adding it all up until the list was too long to matter anymore—you know how people are.

Around number 1200 or so, Jim let the guy he was blowing film it with a cellphone. As is usually the case, the guy uploaded the video to XTube without mentioning it to Jim first. Jim wasn’t initially happy when he did find out, but by then, the video had racked up enough views, 5-star ratings and complimentary comments that his ego took over. When most of your self-worth is based on sex, demonstrable proof that thousands of strangers think you suck good dick is hard to pass up.

As much porn as there is on the Internet, there's not as much good man-on-man stuff out there as you'd think. Definitely a lot, but even without trying to account for taste, there are a lot less people who want to see gay porn to begin with so it’ll never catch up to the hetero and lesbian catalogue. Hell, I only watch it around a quarter of the time myself—I masturbate two or three times a day, usually whether I'm getting laid or not, so I can go through the free site supply pretty quickly.

There's no telling what genre of porn I'll end up watching at any given time since I have broad tastes, but Jim was in a high-rated video on one of the more popular free sites. Sure, he was in just one of millions of videos, but it isn’t as if I just type “sex” into Google and jerk-off to the first random thing that comes up. The chances that his mom would see it are fairly low, but I like porn, white boys and oral sex, so I was rolling those dice a lot more often.

When you're browsing through the pages on your porn site of choice, you have to learn to scan thumbnails pretty quickly just for the sake of time management. One night, I was sitting at my computer with my dick in my hand as usual, doing the preliminary scan and sorting the videos into little piles as I went.

"No, no, yes, no, I'll load it up and see, no, yes, gross, yes, no, looks like Jim, no, yes, maybe, y- wait. That guy really did look like Jim."

I backed up a few frames and clicked. There it was. My roommate Jim—who was at that very moment fucking some guy fifteen feet from where I was sitting—shot from a top-down POV, effortlessly deep-throating what must have been a twenty-six inch black cock. The sounds of Jim’s fuckfest in the next room got me started in the first place, but after about 20 minutes, it seemed that the audio alone wasn’t going to get me over the top. When I went online to find something more visual, I had no idea that I’d get this close.

The shock of it was definitely enough to pull me out of it for a moment, so the first two or three times I watched it, I just sat there flaccid, mouth and eyes wide open as I digested what was happening. His face was prominently displayed, and when he briefly pulled the dick out of his mouth to smack it against his face and tell his daddy how much he loved it, the sound of his voice eliminated the .001% of doubt that there may have been. Wow.

Once it all sunk in, I immediately closed the other tabs I had opened and then watched him suck that monster on a loop until I came, which didn't take long coupled with the live-audio coming from the other side of the wall. I was ready again before the post-masturbatory guilt kicked in so I licked the jizz off my fingers and started work on the next round. As a male, multiple back-to-back orgasms don’t happen every day so I wasn’t gonna waste it. I did consider the possibility that it was some kind of violation, but no one’s morality stays intact with an erection.

Jim and I have talked about this plenty since then, but this was earlier on in our relationship when he was still pretending that he wasn't a total slut and only got loud when he didn't realize I was home. I would have been embarrassed to admit that I watched it and figured he'd be embarrassed to know I'd seen it, so I decided to use that as my justification to keep quiet.

Jim still has a flip-phone to this day, so while he clearly knew he was being filmed, I knew he wasn't the user who uploaded it and had no way of knowing if he approved. As a friend, I probably should have manned up and said something in case it turned out that he wanted the video taken down, but I did the wrong thing—found it, jerked off to it, bookmarked it, downloaded it and then jerked off a second time about as quickly as I could get hard again.

I did eventually tell him and, as I said, it turned out that he was fine with it at first. After seeing how easily I found it, however, he learned his lesson in how The Odds really work and the video was taken down just in case. Of course, I didn’t tell him that I kept a copy and continued to enjoy it from time to time so I wasn’t being entirely truthful. I stopped feeling bad about it after awhile, however, because Jim did get a measure of revenge eventually.

To be continued...

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