Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Is What I Meant

So, this guy hit me up on a dating site and I decided I had to share.
This is his profile: I considered not including his name, but it was necessary.  And I don't think it's his real name.

This was his message to me:
how was your day?
Anything new and exciting happen?
I am in school finishing up on some projects for a grade.
I did many and I hope I passed.
I am taking up photoshop and audio video in school
My biggest problem was finding and saving my work
I make my teacher laugh
but he has been helpful in showing me more and new things
when I master those skills
if you are interested
I can send you what I created.
What do you do and what do you like doing as your passion in life?
Myself, once I get rolling on it would be to create new ideas and share them as well
how has the dating been going for you
for me, not so good."

This was my response:

"I think I know why its not going so well for you ... 
Here's the list: 

1. You say your profession is an escort. Are you looking for women to pay you? Not going to happen.

2. You have no picture on your profile. 

3. I think you meant cunnilingus, not cunnilitis. Cunnilitis sounds like a swollen vagina. 

4. Your profile says you drink more than 3 times a week and that you do drugs more than 3 times a week. 

5. You are separated, which means you are technically still married to someone. 

6. You were trained by a "masseuse" not a "Masseause." And why were you trained by a professional, but you aren't one. Imma need you to become a therapist and not just be trained by one. 

7. And why did you just send me a message about your whole day? You should have probably just asked how I was doing and built up to that ... if I asked, which I wouldn't have, because you have no pic and my profile clearly says I don't talk to guys with no pic. Obviously you didn't read my profile. Unfortunately, I read yours. 

You might be a very nice person, but your profile is booty and not in the good way." 

I know ... it's harsh and stuck up as shit, but if no one ever levels with him, he'll never learn. I am sure he will respond and curse me out.  I'll let you guys know what happens. 


  1. Personally, I like the fact that he does not want children, yet he has children. Nice.

  2. Girl after my own heart! That was just what the doctor ordered: a nice tall glass of reality check. This one definitely goes in my favorites list.

  3. All I could do was LMAO!!!!!! I agree with you wholeheartedly.


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