Friday, January 14, 2011

A Response From The Stranger

This morning, I awoke to this in my email. Looks like I might get my fantasy, plus a little more.  This is a direct copy and paste. 

"Wake up, Wake up! How can you sleep at a time like this?" was all I could think as I laid quietly on the right side of the bed.  I love it when the sun rises early, and gets me to wake up just slightly before the surrounding world.  I enjoy waking up, walking to the window, and observing the nothingness that comes with false dawn.  If it was spring, I'd already be standing in the ocean, rocking gently with the waves as I dream of chasing that trophy fish.  But it's not, it's winter.  It's cold outside and fishing is not an option.  A morning walk in the park is not an option.  Hell, standing on the porch and freezing my ass off while I wait for the sun to wake fully? Definitely not an option.  So what do I do? 

I turn and climb back into bed, why not try to get some rest.  I rest my head on the pillow as I try to convince my body to relax, I even repeat it aloud, "sleep, sleep, sleep."  It doesn't help and now my mind is as alert as my body.  I look around the room and there's not much there.  The lamp on the desk, the latest book I've been reading, the bowls of dog food and water, the clothes on the floor that I stripped myself of before climbing into bed the first time - in reality, it's just a towel, but it's a big towel so it looks like clothes, it's early still - and then there'

The debate begins.  Should I wake you? How will you respond? How'd this go for me last time? What are your plans for the day? Will you get back to sleep? Am I worth waking you before you need to be awake? I sit quietly in thought and let my mind race, accompanied by a long, deep sigh, and it hit's me, "you can't win if you don't play"...I'm on to phase 2, the how...

I haven't done this in a while so I'm short of ideas.  Who doesn't like the back of their neck kissed? Or the area behind your ear lobe where your ear touches your neck? Or a gentle bite on their collar bone? That's too easy tho, I know I'll wake you with one of them, but I don't want to.  I need to get creative, something new, something that will wake you but not too much.  You're stretched out beautifully, beneath a blanket, legs bent up as though you were posing for Playboy, arms wrapped around your smaller pillow because I'm just too big and you enjoy being wrapped tight in my arms each night.  I remove the blanket from your body and rest it towards the end of the bed.  I lay next to you.  The room is cold but you can sense my warmth as you slowly move towards me, pressing your chest against my back and tucking your ass into my crotch.  A cute, gentle squiggle and your back to sleep, this time with my breaths rushing down your neck, laying on one of my arms.  I lift you up as I reach for the sheet, it's now cold and it bothers you just enough to make you moan quietly in disapproval, but you press against me again, this time even harder and I wrap both arms around you and give you a squeeze.

Your back to the window, I run my hand down your left thigh, and cup your left breast with my other. I pull you closer and take a deep breath of you, your hair and skin smells amazing and arouses me even further, now that dick that's been resting between your thighs is growing, slowly splitting your thighs and moving naturally up towards your pussy.  I want you to be wet, and I'm not using anything artificial.  I want you moaning, and dripping before I slide my hard dick in your tight wet pussy.  I continue to run my hands along your thighs and squeezing your breasts, tickling your nipples, and running my hands down your stomach, avoiding your pussy at all costs.  Your eyes are still closed and your mouth is still quiet, nothing from the back of your throat has cum out yet. I grow more excited.  You know I'm here, yet you're not responding.  I move back and forward just a bit, to rub my dick on the insides of both of your thighs and already, your butter soft skin has convinced the my dick to release just a tiny drop of precum.  I feel it as I continue to move back and forth, the amount increasing dramatically.  If I keep going, I won't need sex because the cum will be all over your thighs, but that's not what I want, is it?

You stir. You're awake.  You haven't turned, you haven't made a noise, but you're awake.  Now the real fun can begin.  You switch the position of your legs.  Your once straight right leg is now bending upward, and our bent left thigh is not straightening.  I know you feel me and I know you feel the clue I've left on your thighs.  I know you feel my hand on your breast and I go crazy when you take your left foot and slide it behind you, up against my leg and down to my ankle.  Your pretty feet push me over the edge, I have to know how long you've been awake, I have to be inside of you, I have to, have to, have reach down between your thighs and run your nails across my head gently, it almost spits as you continue to brush your nails back and forth. You rub my fluids back on me, a wonderful lubrication and you place all five fingernails at the base of the head, moving up slowly to the tip and back down the shaft.  My body tenses as I pull you even closer.......

I open my eyes, it's still dark out...what happened to my sunrise? What happened to my blanket? Where did you go? I reach down and my body remembers you being here, the precum is still oozing.  The sheets don't show you've slept here, I don't think you left in the night.  Then I release the pillow.  I roll over onto my back, I trace the hair on my chest and stomach down to my dick.  One slow, long, firm stroke and i want more, but why waste it? I'll see you shortly, just say the word......

I hope you enjoy your day :) And maybe if I'm lucky, I'll even hear from you.

The Stranger


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