Monday, January 10, 2011

The Stranger - Part 2 (Graphic)

I began to slide down onto him and he stopped me at chest level and slid his fingers into me one more time. He took them out and I slid down and onto his dick. He pushed himself into me slowly and slid his fingers into my mouth. My mouth immediately began sucking again and I imagined that he was in my mouth again briefly, then he was all the way inside me.  I lifted off and pushed back onto him until he was deep inside. I did this a few times, with my whole body writhing against his and I could feel my own wetness on his chest and then on mine.

He slid his fingers out of my mouth and they lightly wrapped around my throat. He pushed me up and his hand slid down to my breast. His other hand joined and he held me up tall on him. I knew what was coming, so I tensed around him and braced. He pushed hard into me and I tried to fall back onto his chest. But, he caught my weight and pushed me back up straight. He was so deep it hurt, but I never thought of asking him to stop. He felt too good inside me. As he held me tall on him, he pushed himself into me and I lifted off of him. As he watched my body bouncing on top of his, I felt myself clenching around him and as I grew tighter, I came. My body hardened and tensed and he let me fall. My hands grasped his chest and I pushed back onto him as hard as I could. I could feel him filling me up and then, before he could come, I lifted off of him. I wanted more. 

I crawled up to the head of the bed and stayed on all fours.  He grabbed my hips and ass and with a firm force, he was back inside me. My face was in the bed and my hands were grasping at the headboard. As he thrust in and out of me rhythmically, I pressed my ass onto him and let my hips open up. As he pulled out, I tightened my muscles around him and squeezed my hips together. I could feel him with every muscle inside me. He was deeper than he had been when I was riding him and I was massaging his dick as he slid in and out of me.  He would let the head come all the way out, then push it deep into me. My body slithered and writhed to the rhythm he had created. He pulled out and licked me again, then he continued fucking me.  He was harder than I have ever felt and I was wetter. He felt so good inside me, I started aching and then without warning, I came again. I flung my head back and he wrapped his hand around my throat and made me come harder. He was so deep and holding me so tight that when he let go, I collapsed onto the bed.

He pulled me onto my back and leaned over and kissed me. Then, as if he could read my mind, he lifted to my mouth and let me taste us.  Then, he pulled out and was back inside me again. As soon as he was inside me, my energy came back. I lifted my pelvis to his and he grasped my thighs. He bent over me and licked and sucked my breasts and I raised and lowered my hips.  I couldn't get the depth I wanted, so I pushed onto him hard and he sat up straight and I felt him harden inside me. He grasped my hips and ass and I felt him get even harder and then explode inside me.  I sat up quickly and put my mouth on him as he finished. And before I could stop him, his mouth was on me and I was working toward climax again. 

What? This is my fantasy. There will be no ending. Carry on.  

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  1. Maybe 2 of your readers R gonna swear they have had this exact experience. Many more will WISH they had...
    Well written and If U read it slowly, U can actually see it.
    It's nice to know I've been on the right track for the past 15 years...


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