Monday, January 10, 2011

The Stranger (Graphic ... No Seriously. It's Graphic)

I am staying in tonight, talking to The Stranger and writing.  He asked after browsing the blog if I really write about sex.   I said, "Of course I do."  But, once I backtracked through the 150+ posts, I was only able to pull 4 that had over a paragraph of sex. I write about everything else. I write about all the emotion around sex.  I write about the thought processes that go into sex, but I rarely just write about the details of the sex. So, tonight, as I lay here longing, I am going to write this post for The Stranger. This isn't a recollection of some lustful night. It's not a recalling of trysts past, but an idea. It's a want. The part of "him" will be played by The Stranger and I'll take the lead.   This, folks, is my fantasy. 

We had been talking for just over a week, but we hadn't met. We agreed to meet. He was going to come up to my place. I spent the day of the date doing the things I do when I have a date coming.  I took a long bath. I will skip the rest of the details. Planning a date on a day when I woke aroused was probably a bad idea.

As I was laying in the bath, my mind trailed off to conversations we had.  I thought of the pictures he had sent me.  He had that perfect V right at his waistline. His chest and stomach were so inviting, but I was thinking about the V and wondering what was right below his waistline. My hand had been washing my breasts, but now it was massaging and my other hand had slipped below the water and into me. My fingers alternated between entering me and massaging my G spot and massaging my clit. My left hand squeezed my nipple hard as water dripped off my fingers. I rubbed my clit and imagined him as I slipped two fingers into myself. I reached inside and rubbed the ridgy area in the roof of my vagina.

There was a buzz and I snapped back to reality. It was a text.  He was 10 minutes away. I pulled the plug, threw my robe over my wet body and ran to my room. I dried quickly and threw on the little black dress I had spent a better part of the day picking out. I was rushed for time, but that's not why I didn't put on panties. He texted. He was downstairs.

When I saw him he was everything I had hoped.  I showed him up to my room. We were going to hang out and get to know each other over a bottle of wine.  We did that for a bit.  We sat on my bed and talked and listened to music. We got very comfortable, very quickly. Our legs had become intertwined as we lay talking and at some point, he had moved closer.  Our hands traced each others as we talked and then, at just the right moment, our lips met. It was intense. It was one of those kisses that is bound to end with sex. It was slow and deep. But, we didn't kiss for that long. We would come back to that.

He had made his way onto me and he was holding me down. All of his force was softened by his tongue tracing its way down my body. I grew warm and wet as his mouth made it's way to me. He didn't immediately put his mouth on me. For what felt like a lifetime, he lightly licked and kissed my stomach and legs while his hand teased me with gentle, light touches.  My desire grew so much that I was wetter than I have ever been. Even though his hand wasn't inside me, his fingers were getting wet as they grazed over me.

It started with a light kiss. Then in the next breath, his warm tongue was on my clit. He started by slowly licking me, but quickly picked up the pace. He slid his tongue into me and then licked all the way up to my clit. I was so wet and as he sucked my clit, he drank me in.  His hands were grasping and rubbing my breasts. He had stopped at my breasts on his way down and my nipples were still wet, cold and hard from his saliva. As his tongue slowly massaged my clit in circular waves, his fingers tightened and loosened around my nipples. He slid one hand down and put two fingers deep inside me as he firmly and quickly licked my clit.

I needed to feel him like he was feeling me, so I nudged him off of me, told him to lay down and climbed on top of him, facing his feet. I took my seat on his face and took him into into my mouth. He kept driving his fingers deep into me and now he was sucking my clit. I could feel my nipples lightly grazing his stomach as I slid my lips over his head and down his shaft. I licked my way back to the head and then I closed my lips around it and started swallowing until his dick was pressing the back of my throat. I swallowed and sucked and my entire mouth massaged him as I took him all the way into my mouth and down my throat. I let out a small moan and as it grew, I could feel the vibrations in the hand I had firmly placed on his pelvis. The moans grew deeper and I lost all track of the things his mouth and my mouth were doing. As his dick slid in and out of my mouth it dripped with saliva.  I could only imagine that his mouth was a wet as his dick. The feeling of his head sliding across my tongue just forced more of a sucking motion and before I knew it, the sensation was bringing me to climax. He hardened in my mouth and I could tell we were both about to come. So, I lifted off of him and turned to face him. ....

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  1. Must say that it is encouraging to see a real woman's fantasy so closely parallel the actual mechanics of my own experiences in soooooo many ways.
    Oh, and nice choice of transition as well as the illustration of a 69 without actually naming it.
    Well done.


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