Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today, after hanging out with two friends, one confessed she had a crush on the other.  So, I was talking with said friend about said crush she has on our mutual (female) friend. (I didn't want there to be any pronoun confusion.)  As we were talking, as I was listening to her angst-ridden voice talk about all the inferences she makes. As she ran through all the ways she could see that our other friend didn't like her. "She definitely doesn't like me. But maybe she does. Do you feel the sexual tension?"  As she ran through all the different looks they had given each other, (all the underlying meanings), I wondered if I had just been in the same room with them?  Had I just been in the same conversation she was in?  It didn't feel awkward to me at all. I didn't feel any sexual tension. Am I just oblivious to the romantic nuances between others? Doubt it. The mind makes things up when we have a crush. We read way too much into things and we lose sight of reality.  Crushes are interesting all around.

Not only do we make things up in our minds, but there has to be a perfect formula of like, and/or oblivion in order for a crush to exist.  If both parties have crushes (and are aware), then it's not a crush for long. In this situation, a crush quickly goes from a crush to something else, like a relationship or bad sex.

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