Thursday, October 28, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I'm sort of at an impasse.  See, I have these eggs.  And I have some baskets.  But, only one of the baskets is strong and sturdy.  I could technically divide my eggs up and put one in each basket, but I don't really want my friends seeing the other baskets.  The other baskets have holes.  And I have this one basket that is about an hour and a half away and so I can't really rely on that basket.  Oh and I have this other basket that might be married. Dilemma ... is it okay to, TEMPORARILY, put all of my eggs in this one strong sturdy basket.  One that is close by, not married and extremely gorgeous.

The issue is, I am tired of dating all these knuckleheads.  I had a horrible experience the other night.  It doesn't even need to be discussed.  It was just bad.  And it was on the heels of a great experience.  So, I don't know what to do.  I think I am done with meeting new guys for a bit.  I don't really want to stop talking to the guys from back home, and I will probably never stop talking to Sean, but as far as sharing myself with other men, I don't really want to do it for a bit.

My sex drive can't be denied.  It's huge, but there's always masturbation and I have found one man that satisfies a lot of those needs. However, that having been said, this is not about him.  It's about me.  These guys are wasting my time.  Seriously, I spent all of Monday tired and mad that I had been up the night before having awkward conversation and then attempting to be slightly polite.  Trouble was, I was just tired and fed up.  I just told ol' dude that I was not interested and went home.  

The aspect of the strong, sturdy man is probably a bit premature.  He and I have only had one night together and other than that, we just do a lot of internet chatting.  But, either way, he's spoiled me a bit and seeing what is out there and what is possible is making me realize that I am wasting time with these other guys

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  1. Do what is best for you always. Take a break. Maybe you are giving too much. Rejuvenate and get back to what makes you happy.


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