Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Newest Favorite

I said I would explain later.  It's later.  My Newest Favorite doesn't have a name just yet.  Because, we haven't actually met yet.  This is the point when my mother would roll her eyes at me and say ... "Let me guess, You're in love?"  She's a sarcastic one.  No.  I am not in love with him.

You know of him already.  He's the one that, just last week, told me that I wasn't the same woman he had first talked to. He I have also referred to him as the Pretty Boy, but I don't find that to be a fitting name anymore.  Of course, it was snarky and kind of disrespectful.  I won't be referring to him by that name.  For now, he's My New Favorite.

I am not sure what it is that has made me grow so interested in him.  We video chat occasionally and he is cute and interesting.  He seems smart, conversations never lag or grow tiring.  Of course, it might be completely different in person and assuredly, we will grow more tired of each other once we actually meet.  But, for now, he's hold my interest and I am finding him considerably more captivating.  I hope to meet him soon, but the schedules are proving to be very busy and he lives about an hour and a half from me.  So, it's not been easy to coordinate.  I am going to put him here in his own post, because he doesn't really fit very well in any of the current categories.  I will mention him in Newbies.  But this is him.

He's cute, funny, smart and we are on the same page.  He knows about the blog and we can talk openly about it's content.  He is respectful and appears to have a lot of confidence. So, we will see where it goes.  If nothing else, he's been interesting and I look forward to being friends, even if it's just temporary.    

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