Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Newbies

This section is hard to list.  These guys don't really have names or characteristics just yet.  I started answering a lot of inquiries on the dating sites, due to the lack of eligible male volume in my area of New England.  What happened was a backlash of sorts.  With all of the eligible attractive men in Houston, I still had a short list.  I have a few solid, quality suitors and I was perfectly happy with the small pool I had created.

New England is a bit of a different story.  It's like I have been stock piling guys for the bitterly cold winter. My little black book is bulging at the seams.  I have never talked to this many people at the same time.  I just don't know how to pull back at this point.  I am not seeing anyone, but if I hope to change that and create a comfortable ground to meet someone, I need to clear the little black book of all but the top 5 and go from there.

I have 3 guys that I know will make the top 5 right off hand.  One will inevitably just be a friend, one could be much more and the other is getting laid as soon as he brings his ass to my town.  I'm ready for him.  The rest just fall into a category of names I can't keep straight in my cell phone.  I am texting and returning messages all day.  So, it's time to scale back.  There's no quality in this much quantity.  

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