Friday, September 17, 2010

The New Crops

The Serial Dater has never been so relieved.  I need to clear the rep of the New England men.  They were not responsible for the disgusting voicemail I got last night.  However, the ladies here are off the chain.  Yes, the squishy noises and heavy breathing that was left on my voicemail was the work of a woman.  Or women, rather.  Three of them, to be exact, lead by my good friend, Ruth.  Disgusting, I know.

What's even worse is, these are three of my close friends.  They got me good.  On the heels of getting some pretty gross masturbation videos, my friends decided they would prank call me.  This was Ruth's idea, no doubt.  The other two were fairly innocent, but not without some fraction of responsibility.

THANK GOD!!!  I know I said I wasn't, but I was disturbed.  After my phone company offered very little help, I decided to post a tough blog, in hopes that the call would not turn into nightly calls.  Not necessary.  That blog simply took Ruth's prank to a whole new level.  I helped her prank me, but now it's time for her to watch her back.

I can keep talking to the guys I am talking to without having to worry that one of them had called and jacked off on my voicemail.  But, the whole experience did make me pull back a bit.  The feelings I felt most of all were, how did I let someone that would do this have my number.  I don't really know these guys at all.  So, I pulled back a bit.  I am going to stop casting such a wide net.  I have a good few guys and that is plenty for right now.  I just want to work on getting to know them a little better.

So, meet the New England guys that are making the cut, in no certain order:

  • The Player - Yes, the football player stays on the short list.  We might not see each other again, but the flirtation and sweet messages have persisted.  He is going through some things right now, but he's just a sweet guy and I enjoy his occasional messages.
  • The Soldier - This is an all time favorite.  He is great.  I like his flirty nature and his teasing.  He's smart and we have had some nice, insightful conversations.  He's that perfect combination of masculinity and smarts.  I don't know how to describe him better than that.  Look for more on this one.  Of course, he's from the South.  
  • The Pretty Boy - He probably wouldn't appreciate that title.  Eventually, he might get a real name. We have just had one real conversation and he seems pretty cool.  You might hear more about this one.  That is to be seen.  
There you have it, people.  It took a few weeks, but I have a short list.  I am cutting out the hunt for now.  It's time to stop dropping seeds and start tending to the crops.  I'll let you know how harvest season turns out.  Stay tuned.  

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