Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weird Day For The Online Dater

If I had anything at all invested in online dating ... or the quality of my online profile, I would have been sad after today.  Instead, I am a little disturbed, but mostly just entertained.  Normally, I have a very good experience with my online dating.  It doesn't always make for a date or a successful match, but there is usually some flirtation and respectful no thank you's.  That was not the case today.  There are two messages that left me laughing and then saying ... hey ... what tha?

First message ... I had been talking to this guy back and forth for a couple weeks and he said he was going to call.  I got a text message from a Kenny and I was not sure who Kenny was, so I messaged ol' dude and asked if he had texted me, as he hadn't sent his actual name.  That is the beauty of the online chat... sometimes little details like names can get left out.  His response was kind of awesome ... but I didn't really get it... at all.  He said he had called, but after, he had looked at the new pics I had posted, and he wandered if I had a medical condition.  Okay.  Two things.  First, ouch.  Second, I didn't add any new pics.  So, he didn't want to talk to me because of my new "condition."  I am still lost on that one.  He was cute too. But I think he was crazy.

Second message ... This guy sent me a message saying that I "looked juicy" and he "wanted to eat me."  I deleted and ignored.  Then he sent a second message saying that he just had to tell me that he thought I was really sexy.  I told him I was not interested this time.  His third message said he was just looking for a woman to "snuggle up with his 10 inches."  Okay.  The end.  I sent a message telling him to leave me alone, but I failed to block him.  This was my bad.  He then sent me a message back saying that if I didn't want to be treated like a hooker then I shouldn't act like one.  But ... I ... but ... umm ... No use.  This time, I just blocked him.

So, there you have it, folks.  I am a hooker with a medical condition.  It doesn't matter that I also got two messages from very cute, intelligent guys and actually started dialogue.  Or that I got about 30 messages just complimenting either my funny profile or my pics... oh no.  These two stood out way more than the nice ones ... and I thought they deserved a post.  They are probably the only negative messages I have gotten.  Oh wait no ... this really ugly guy once messaged me and told me I should invest in a mask.  I still don't know if that was sarcasm or just another crazy.  Hope you guys can get a laugh at my expense.  Time to rub some salve on these wounds and get out there and make this money.  Until next time, kids.

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