Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Player - Part 2

I started typing his name into Google and there he was.  I was 4 letters into his first name and Google prompted me with his entire name.  There were links to the NFL, the UFL and multiple teams, including his college team.  I was confused.  It was obvious that he had been drafted into the NFL, but from there I couldn't really figure out where he played now.  It wasn't important.

The major points of this information were ...

  • A.  He was who he said he was.  And he could easily be researched.
  • B.  He had an AMAZING body.
  • C.  He was disciplined. 
  • D.  I could watch Youtube videos of him working out.
  • E.  He was buying dinner.
Beyond that, there was an initial apprehension that was added to the excitement of meeting a new man.  His drive was over an hour and so he was going to stay the night with me.  This meant that, though not definite, there was a good chance he would see my naked body.  I was now a little bit self conscious.  I am an attractive woman.  I attract the type of men I am attracted to and so it all works out.  But, I don't know how to date a professional football player.  What does that entail?  I am a student that writes about sex and I am super humble.  Did I need to run out and get a reality television show?  Should I do some crunches before our date?

The day of the first date rolled around and I was surprised to find that I was no more or less nervous than I was before any date.  We had talked a few times and he texted me with a "Good Morning, Gorgeous." everyday.  I was really okay.  I was more nervous, because I had forgotten that my ID was expired and while I made it by in Texas, the bars up here had always given me a hard time.

He showed up at 8 and I met him at the street.  I hopped into his car and we headed into town.  The vibe was instantly chill.  He asked if I was nervous and I said yes.  He told me that I shouldn't be and that I looked nice.  Once we got into town we spent a few minutes looking for a parking spot.  He was starving ... I assume being all of about 3% body fat leaves you hungry a lot.  So, we hit the closest restaurant when we found a parking spot.  

He was shy when it came to ordering, yet he still ordered for me.  I thought it was really cute.  He was charming and he smiled a lot.  A lot.  We joked around most of the meal and talked about sex.  Our conversation about sex was too loud for the family establishment we had entered.  And he loudly contested my statement that I could take him by saying "I could kick your ass."  This town isn't ready for me and my new date.  So, as soon as we finished our drinks and our meals, we headed out to the nearest bar.  It was conveniently one block away.  

When we got settled at the bar, we got close.  He told me that I looked really good in my skirt and he took my hand.  I rubbed his leg a bit and he pulled me close as we cracked jokes. He tried to give me a quick lesson in football. I attempted to grasp the concept.  Not too difficult, I guess.  But, he suggested we sit together and watch a game.  This way he could explain it as it goes.  I liked this idea.  Mainly because I envisioned it starting out with us watching football and ending with sex.  Most of my forethought does end in sex, though.  

We finished up one drink and we headed out again.  He wanted to walk.  I get the feeling he has trouble staying put for long.  I don't know that this observation has any greater meaning at this point, but I am sure lines can be drawn.  So, we were off.  We passed a liquor store before we even got back to the car and he started to ask if I wanted to just get something and go drink at my place.  I had the same idea and cut him off before he could finish.  We popped in and bought some beer, then we headed back to my place.

This was a brilliant idea.  He was so playful, it was hard to contain out in public.  There were a few times I found myself laughing and putting my hand over his mouth so he didn't loudly talk about sex or the tightness of the man's jeans in front of us.  Being back at my place, we could be as silly and playful as we wanted.  It was super comfortable, but super hot.  Temperature hot.  Which led to him stripping down to his boxers.  That led to the other kind of hot.  

You guys know me.  I like to leave you hanging ... good stuff to follow.  Stay tuned, kiddos. 

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