Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Player

My life has changed location.  As you know, I recently relocated to New England and I am just getting settled in. In an attempt to not drag my feet or have another sexless year, I lined up dates... I actually had dates lined up before I got here, but you know how those turned out.  Not too promising.  

So, you know that I am all about utilizing all of my dating resources and I am pretty successful when it comes to finding dates.  Not all the dates are successful, but at the very least, they teach me what I don't want out from a lover/date.  I have also told you that I have had zero luck dating here in New England.  I never realized how region could affect my dating so drastically.  But, that is not what this is about.  This is the story of how New England's reputation was, single-handedly, redeemed by one man.

My first interaction with Giovanni was interesting and he was as sexy as sin.  I was attracted to him and we immediately set up a date.  He was decisive and we set plans to go out the following weekend.  I was apprehensive, but as the week progressed, I grew excited.  When we originally met, I had no idea about his profession, nor was I really interested in or curious about what he did.  I just thought he was cute and I was hoping that he would prove to be more of my type of man than the fancy ass men I had dated here in the past. 

So, we texted for a few days leading up to our date.  One night, we were instant messaging and he said he had to go, because he had to get up early the next day "for practice." Our conversation had been good up to this point.  We had a good vibe.  I was digging him, so far, and I was excited to meet him.  I didn't really think anything of him saying practice, but I asked what he had practice for, anyway.  "Football practice."  I got quiet for a minute, because I was trying to think of what you ask next... "Who do you play for?"  "Where do you play?"  He laughed and said he thought I was judging him for a minute.  Then he said my homework would be to figure out where he played.  I accepted the challenge and said "Goodnight."

It wasn't much of a challenge.  I started typing his first name into Google and the first Google prompt that came up was him.  Huh.  This search would yield an answer to my question ... but not one I was ready for.  This dude was no high school football coach....

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