Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grown Folks Part 2 - His Response

This was his response.  I can honestly say this was the most honest, satisfying response I have ever gotten from a man.  I feel like we are free from the things that make people afraid to say what they want to say.  I was terrified to be honest with him, because I worried he would shut down.  He didn't.  So, this is it.  I copied and pasted, so blame Marlon for the over-use of ellipses and lack of capitalization. But, to his credit, it's a hell of an email and his spelling and humor are spot-on. Oh and he's really beautiful, so imagine a really great-looking, smart, funny guy typing all these periods and lower-case i's. 
well i would first like to say thanks for being honest and i really appreciate it and i know it was hard for you to send this email and put yourself out there. i am glad you did. and i do respect where you are coming from and being guarded due to things that have happened in the past. well you know that i like you and enjoy spending time with you as well so its not like its a one way street... and as far as i know i don’t think anything would change with us because we are honest with each other and have expressed our feelings of relationships and such with each other. and i see nothing wrong with really liking someone... i have told you that even though its not a lot of time we spend together what we do spend is nothing short of awesome and just effortless... i feel very comfortable around you and especially after our last encounter i don’t think we could get any closer unless i bought my own table with stir ups (i think they are called) attached...

but yeah we had this talk about the next step and i think i said something along the lines of just go with it... cause if you set up guidelines and rules then it becomes something that it wasn’t supposed to be... we have fun together knowing that we are both dating/seeing other people and its not something that we hide from each other... but setting a goal is usually setting yourself up for disappointments if you don’t reach it... i don’t have goals in relationship of any sort with people i just take things one day at a time and enjoy every moment of it that i am spending with that person.

i respect and 110% agree with your closing statement.... and i would expect nothing less from you... we have not kept anything from each other thus far so why start now. i know your actively dating and such and you know i am doing the same but if there is anyone that comes along that i feel like i want to be with and would get me to stop talking to seeing or hanging out with you... you would know it well in advance. and believe me you have a lot of qualities that activate the "launch" sequence and its not all bedroom eyes and such... your smart ass comments make me laugh and smile on the inside and that has not happened in quite a long time... and just to be comfortable with you to talk about anything with you and not feel judged is huge in my book... and we do tend to relate to each other very well. after meeting you i was hoping for nothing less than hopefully being at the very least really good friends... i even thought about putting in an application for the "seasonal boyfriend" position that you bloged about a while ago..... :) have fun in H-Town and Plainville.... and for the record i am not counting down the days until you back in *blank* again cause that would make me sound like a hater and want your trip to be over and i don’t want that..... ok maybe kinda... just a little bit... i would even say a minuscule  amount... ok have fun... and again thanks for sharing and being honest with your feelings and i will be honest and not do anything to jeopardize the trust we have...

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