Thursday, December 30, 2010

Houston, We Have A PROBLEM

What's with the hickeys??? I have made it through 30 years without getting one.  Then, all of a sudden, I get two in the course of two weeks?  The Photographer gave me my first hickey and it was an accident, but this last one was a definite "wrench in the spokes" move.  It's got "Intent to Claim" written all over it.

This newest guy... I don't know what we will call him, yet.  He's got motives.  And I don't know what they are.  That's a little scary to me.  What's also scary is that I have shown him the site.  He and I went on a few dates when I was here in Houston during the summer.  At that time, I showed him the site and I am not sure that we ever really talked about it again.  I don't know if he reads it or will see this.  I am not totally sure that he knows what I "do" or am doing.  Nor do I know what he is doing.

Don't get me wrong.  We have had some really nice times together.  He's really sweet and it's very nice to spend time with him.  He's attentive, but sometimes too much so.  I get the feeling that all the attention he shows me is like throwing a boomerang.  He's hoping it will all come back to him.  Of course, we all want someone to reciprocate. But, it's a fine line.  There is a point when someone caring for you and being there for you can start to feel a little draining.  He's not there yet, but I am keeping one eye open at all times, just in case needy starts to creep in.

On the other hand, I also get the idea that he might be looking for sex.  But, he's just one of those guys that will date you for a while, get sex and then chuck a deuce and move on.  He might be a hunter that likes to stalk his pray for a bit.  If that is the case, we will find out soon, because last night, in his car, things got a little steamy.  And, by 'a little steamy,' I mean we had a little sex.  Yes, just a little.  There's no hidden message there.  He brought more than enough to the table, but I was cramped and uncomfortable, so I pulled the plug before anyone could reach the promised land.

I will say that when he touched me, I was really surprised.  I was also surprised by the way his kiss made me feel this time.  The first time we dated, I didn't really feel anything when he kissed me.  I was apprehensive to kiss him again this time.  There was just that same draining feeling the first time he kissed me.  But, from the summer to last night, something had changed and I was really attracted to him. And his touch was amazing.  It made me long for a bed to stretch out on and see what he could really offer, but alas, the passenger seat of his car wasn't really doing it for me.

So, I am left wondering many things about The Mystery Man.  What is his goal?  What is motivating all the attention he gives?  What's he like in bed? And ... Why the hickey?  We are having dinner tonight.  Maybe I'll ask.

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  1. All I will say is BE CAREFUL. Not to scare you or anything but when you said something about draining, it reminded me of an energy vampire or something. My ex was one and these kind of people tend to be sociopaths or have narcissistic personality disorders or worse. These guys can appear innocent at first and then chew you up and spit you out.

    But if he turns out not to be then go with the flow :)


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