Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Accidental Prostitute

... or the night I contemplated giving head to rescue a friend.

I met The Beautiful One on a popular dating site.

His name is not misleading. He's a good looking man. Tall, great arms, fit, nice skin... pretty penis. (I would find this out eventually. You might as well know now.)

It began the way all the other online encounters do; I messaged him, he instant messaged me. Then, we decided to video chat to validate. He was, in fact, a gorgeous man. We chatted for all of 5 minutes and I decided that this was going to be what it was. I wasn't going to go to dinner with him or agree to meet him for drinks. We weren't going to take time to get to know each other. We were clearly both down for something casual, so I made it known. I was straightforward... "So, I think we should meet and have sex sometime." It wasn't as dirty as I thought it would be. It wasn't dirty at all. Once the words slipped off the tips of my fingers and onto the keys, I felt so proud. Of course, he was game. It was going to be easy for both of us. We talked about a few things ... one of the subjects was "Road Head"; giving someone head in a car. I have been a girlfriend, so I have given head in a moving car. Haven't all girlfriends?

Then ....
A message pops up. It's Lynn. She's had a really rough day and she just needs me to be with her; chill, have a glass of wine and talk about nothing. So, in order for me to get to my friend, it's an hour and a half bus ride. It was a very rainy Houston evening. This night was going to be more eventful than I had expected.

I told The Beautiful One that I had to go be a good friend and therefore had to cut our enthralling discussion of head in moving vehicles short. He played an unexpected card. He offered to come get me to save me from having to ride the bus. Herein lies the dilemma ....

This guy just offered me a ride that would cut my trip in half and save me from having to walk from bus stop to bus stop and then from bus stop to house in the rain. But, as this twist occurred in the middle of our 'Road Head' discussion, I might have to give him head for said ride.

I had to think about this hard. Was it like prostitution if we had already discussed the possibility of this happening? He had already offered to pick me up so we could ... uuumm .. 'chill.' That wouldn't have been prostitution. It would have been scandalous, but it wouldn't have been prostitution. Now, with the new element of necessity, I found myself debating the morality of the situation. It was fine if I did it just to do it, but doing it to stay dry posed a problem for me, especially since I had already declined his offer before hearing from Lynn. This fact kills the 2 birds with 1 stone rationale. Would it be wrong to go back and accept his offer now that I needed a ride?

I got some pretty dope pictures on the bus that night.

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