Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Spark

I met The Spark on the heels of meeting someone pretty great, we will call him Guy A. Sometimes it happens this way. I meet a cool guy. We start having good sex; not just good sex, but fun sex, sex with a connection. So, we start having that kind of sex. We start something without really starting anything. Then, I meet another guy that is okay. In this case, The Spark was okay, but he was also really really good looking. Tall, sculptured body, great teeth... all that. Let's not get it wrong; Guy A was a pretty dude, too. He was a sight to be seen actually. Made my stomach hurt when he smiled at me or said cute things. So, let's not discount him.

So, I am seeing/sleeping with/idunno-ing Guy A. I meet The Spark and we have a mild amount of chemistry. He's got a lot of energy and I can't help but imagine what his body looks like under his jeans and his t-shirt. To be honest, I didn't really know if we had chemistry or not. I was hung up on his looks. I would soon find out it was only physical. Anyway, he bought me a couple drinks and we talked for a while, then he asked me to dinner the next night. I agreed.

I ran a little late, so instead of dinner, we just started with drinks. This wasn't going to have a PG-13 ending. I could tell from the beginning. There was a lot of laughing and too much touching. We were at a bar, so we had to lean in to talk. He pulled me in at one point to tell me a completely nonsexual story about something that had happened at work. As he was telling this totally mundane story, he slipped his hand around to my back and pulled me slightly closer. My breasts pressed against his chest and he moved a bit closer. He didn't kiss me, he just kept telling his boring-ass story, but it was hot, all the same.

After two drinks it was a done deal. He was telling me to pick something to do; to shoot for the stars. We could do whatever I wanted. I wanted to go back to his place. We did. We had sex the whole night. It was the kind of sex where you feel everything. He would stop and talk to me, then start back and his cock was huge. Not only was it huge, he was a grown man and he knew what he was doing. I love approaching 30. The men in my age range are so much better than they were at 22. I don't know what happens in those few years, but these dudes have me taking the occasional sneak peek into the 40 to 50 yr old range, just to see what I have in store. I haven't had many in the higher age range, but it's good up there too.

Back to the 30's, back to The Spark. He was doing a nice job. And yet, I couldn't climax. He was alternating between head and sex. I didn't want him to get discouraged and I knew I could do it if I just had more time, so I faked one. I only ever fake an orgasm to buy more time. I can almost always cum. I have to have some shit on my mind to not be able to climax. That wasn't the case this night. I was happy go lucky and having a good time with the new guy I had met. I was young and free and dating 2 really cool guys that were really great in bed ... wait. No. Seriously? I am having really great sex and thinking about how I could be having better sex??? Then, he pulled out of me and put his mouth on me again. The stress of realizing that I had come to this place where I had my choice of really good sex hit me and there it was...

My fingers grasped the sheets. My muscles tightened. My mouth opened slightly and I inhaled hard. I closed my eyes and, inadvertently, out of sheer lust and instinct, I pictured Guy A. I didn't mean for it to happen, but at that moment, at the moment of impact with The Spark, it sparked ... I liked the other guy more, but there was no reason why this guy couldn't get me off. How spoiled can you get? I had a perfectly good man going down on me, and even though my body felt only him, my brain took me to a different place. No one lost. As soon I as finished, he was back on my level and with my eyes wide open, and his arms wrapped around me, I came again, this time thinking only of the man inside me.

This would be the only time I would ever have sex with two men in one night.

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  1. Very well written. Didn't see where U were going and liked it that much more.


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