Wednesday, July 14, 2010


First Post. Let me start by introducing you to the players to date:

The Women:
The Best Friend - Lynn
The New Friend - B
The Sister - Lisa
And ... Me

The Guys:
Train Guy
Circle Cake
The Ex CoWorker
The Beautiful One
The Muslim
And ...
The One With a Name ... We'll call him Lewis

Of course, none of these names are real. My mother did not name me Poly and the stars weren't aligned well enough for me to have been blessed with the last name Amory. Everyone is protected, because every one of these people are special to me in their own way. Heh.

Lynn is a well known woman around Houston. She runs a successful blog and throws great parties and shows. She's 30 this year and she's single.

B is 25, a designer, single and likes to ride...

Lisa is 35 and married. Has one kid and another on the way.

I turn 30 this year. I returned home for the Summer of 2010 on a grant to work in the city. I made a goal before I left for Houston. I wanted to really date. I wanted to strip away societies goals of meeting 'the one' and get down to the nitty gritty. I decided to take a 3 day train trip back to Houston. I hit all the major cities on the way. I got off the train twice (and got off on the train once.) My first de-board was in Chicago. That's where I met Train Guy. The next 24 hours would prove to be a beginning to a fruitful summer.

...Second post - Train Guy. Stay tuned folks. It's about to get real.

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I am the product-child of the Women's Lib movement. I have a grade A education, a promising career and no immediate goal for children or a spouse. I will be 30 this year and I have spent many years in monogamous relationships. In and out of 1 to 2 year relationships, I always dated with the goal of meeting someone special. Most of the time I didn't date. Most of the time I found myself falling into relationship after relationship. These relationships were doomed to fail. They were all built on expectations that were, for me, unattainable. I love meeting new people. I find sex enjoyable and empowering and I am not happy when I am monogamous. So, after my last break-up, after taking some time to grieve, I decided to cut my societal puppet strings and get back in the game. I set out on a mission to spend the Summer of 2010 dating as many men as possible. My only initial criteria was attraction. My only limitation was - no love and no structured relationships. This is my date by date tale of what life can be like outside of the goals of relationships and love.