Saturday, July 24, 2010

Letters From Natalia

Warning. The ladies who read this blog are hot. This story ... hot. As you were.

Dear Poly,

So it happened.... you know. I finally got my brains fucked by you know who. I'm a grown 25 year old woman who is scared of getting her brains fucked.
God, what is wrong with me...! I should have done this a long time ago. It just never happened because, well, I thought I could actually have a meaningful relationship.
But what the fuck is meaningful if the person you are with doesn't even know how to fuck your brains out?!

So there I am. It's like 9am. I'm hungover naked and pretending I'm not awake.
I feel a touch on my thigh, and it tingles. The sensation runs to the tip of my nipples and I get hard, in seconds. I feel a touch on my breast. I took a big breath and in my head I said ... "Fuck it."
Why not. The sheets went flying across the room and I was touched. I was touched like I have never been touched before. Instant gratification. I think I was cumming before I even came. My mind went blank for a few seconds and I came back to life.
I stared at the ceiling for a bit not knowing what to do next. I turned around to see her beautiful face looking back at me... and I thought, "Wow, this is what I missed out on while I was waiting for this meaningful relationship to happen?" She got up to fix some breakfast and I, still in bed, didn't move. Just laid there. I was really in shock. I had just found an amazing woman, who fucked my brains out, was making me breakfast, and is totally into me. So what do I do? What every normal girl does. I got dressed and I left while she was making breakfast. I snuck out the bathroom window and I never looked back. She's called me a few times now... asking if she did anything wrong. I haven't answered. And no, she hasn't done anything wrong... she did everything right. So right, that it scared me away. But I can't stop thinking about it... the way she touched me, the way she tastes... it was so sweet. So now here I am in bed with this dude - that I don't even like. He's dumb, so I can treat him just the way I want to without having anything serious. Cause in all honesty, relationships are bound to end regardless. I'd rather have meaningless sex with someone than go through the shits of being in a trying relationship when someone is bound to fuck it up. Pretty shitty, I guess. C'est la vie.

- Hot Anonymous Chick


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