Monday, July 19, 2010

The Beautiful One ... Continued

I slid into the passenger seat and that was the end of the awkwardness. He was gorgeous. And .. he was cute. The gorgeous part refers to the physical alone, but the cute part was about him. His smile was slight and he was quiet. That sounds creepy. He wasn't creepy. He seemed a little nervous. Maybe it was still a little awkward, but I was relieved.

The rest of the night was relaxed. We got back to his place and he invited me to chill in his room with him. He had a nice place, a cute dog (a little bit possessive, but cute) and a comfortable bed. He showed me some pics of himself and declined my request to take nudes of him. It was worth a try. I do it for the art. He claimed to not like his body; actually calling it 'shit.' Trust me, this body is anything but shit. I am not sure if he was being coy or if he really sees something different than I do. The reality is he's 5 inches shorter than God and his entire body is beautiful.

The night progressed and we finally made physical contact. I was glad that we didn't jump right to the sex. It made the experience more organic. We didn't kiss. I did, however, relocate to the couch in his bedroom. I motioned for him to stand in front of me. He came over and I gave him head. He was very complimentary. He jokingly asked if I could write down instructions on what I was doing with my mouth. I just pictured him pulling the folded instructions with a diagram from his pocket and handing it to a his next partner. "I have guidelines."

Afterward, we sat up on his bed and listened to music. We talked about random things and some not so random: sex, online dating, etc. He stole some of the music from my computer, complimented my taste and clowned me on the fact that I had a playlist titled "Sex Playlist." He had never heard of J Dilla, so I had to take a moment to school him on some of my favorites.

We joked about the fact that I don't like to snuggle. The truth is I don't like to snuggle with someone that I don't care about. And I didn't care about this guy anymore than one cares about their fellow man. Then, as I was kissing his stomach and enjoying his next to perfect body, I realized he wasn't a bad guy and this had actually been a pretty cool night. It was easier than I had imagined. He was respectful and funny. Neither of us wanted a relationship and we had similar likes and dislikes, other than the ones we had discussed: I like to give head ... he, of course, likes to get head. Neither of us wanted to kiss. We both reserve kissing for something that involves feelings.
On the list of similiar likes, sex. We both wanted to have sex; So we did. (That last sentence could be considered the thesis of this entire post.) He seemed equally as vested in getting me off as he was in getting off himself. I find this to be the norm now that I am older. When I was young, this was not the case. After we had both cum, he brought me a warm towel and got dressed.

Mission accomplished. Now it was time to figure out where we went from there. Instead of having an awkward moment, we quickly discussed whether I was going to stay the night and catch the bus in the morning or whether he was going to drive me home that night. We quickly established that I wanted to go home and he wanted to take me home. Sleeping in someone's bed goes along with snuggling and kissing. It can be fun and it's not strictly reserved for men I have feelings for, but it's kinda got to be the perfect storm.

This was the most casual sex I have ever had. It wasn't just casual because we met, had sex and never spoke again. The truth is, we talk. He reads this blog. It was casual, because we were honest and wanted the same things. It was casual because we were safe and relaxed. We will never fall in love or be 'together', but I might consider taking him on as a regular. We'll see...

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