Friday, August 27, 2010

Ask Him Out -- Today

The following is a repost from New Shoes, or: How Men Really Think

It's always funny to me the light hypocrisy of women asserting that they're strong, independent, intelligent, beautiful, etc., and then in the same breath declaring that they could never ask a man out on a date.

You don't want a man who's a coward, but...

I get it.  Women are sensitive.  "If he says no, it could mean I'm not attractive enough, not interesting enough, not charming enough."  Maybe... or it could mean that he simply wasn't the one.  On to the next one.

If there's a guy out there you like, ask him out.  Be firm with him; it's what men respond to.  Once you know he's free, be like, "Let's meet up at ________ and have drinks.  Say, seven-thirty?"  The first sentence is declarative, more assertive (which modern young woman claim to be).  The second leaves room for his involvement and mutual negotiation about the event.

If he says no then he says no.  If you're not full of shit with the things you say to intimidate other men -- "I'm too much woman for most of you to handle" -- then you'll simply assess this man as one who wasn't ready for you.  Avoiding asking a man out because you're scared is the ultimate self-betrayal.  Who can you blame when it's you cheating yourself?

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