Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Good Date - Part 1

Men and women alike, get out your crayons and Big Chief tablets ... this one merits some note-taking.

Yesterday was not a great day.  I had a bad conversation with an ex.  I was feeling distant and unloved.  I ate everything in the kitchen and I had a pimple.  Nothing major happened.  No one cussed me out or told me I was ugly.  No one was even halfway rude to me.  I was just not feeling like myself.  This feeling was very similar to the way I felt the first time Todd took me out.  On our initial date, he used the power of his dick to pull me out of my funk and all was well with the world.

I had texted him earlier in the day, before my mundane bout with the useless emotion of self-pity for no good reason had consumed me.  The text was simple. "I am leaving in 10 days."  We had a good first date and he had asked to take me out again.  I was afraid that he might take his sweet time and then time would be up.  I was just letting him know we didn't have the luxury of time.  It was received.  He asked what I was doing tonight.  Bingo!

We had agreed that he would pick me up some time after 7.  He texted at 7:05 and said something was wrong with my phone because he had been trying to call.  He had made plans, but wouldn't tell me what they were.  He was ready when I was.  I was ready by 8:15, he was outside my place by 8:45.

When he told me he had made surprise plans, it made me a bit nervous.  What could we be doing?  The only thing I remembered discussing for a possible future date was a strip club.  So, I decided he was probably going to take me to a butt naked.  I was not in the mood, but we had talked about it and if those were the plans he made, so be it.  I was going to go to that strip club and, if he bought me a lapdance, I was going to accept it graciously.  The fact that a pre-planned date threw me into pseudo-panic mode is definitely a sign of the times.  I was not used to this.

Getting ready for this date was a lot like getting ready for my first date with Todd.  I consulted my sister on 3 different dresses.  I tried on multiple pairs of shoes.   He makes me nervous.  I am not sure why, but he does.  This was good.  The nervous turned to excited and I found myself out of the bad mood.  My sister and I settled on a simple black dress, black heels and a black bag.

He called.  My pulse sped up.  He was outside.  I got into his car and he was just as cute as I had remembered.  He smiled, said hi and reversed out of the driveway.  Off to the strip club?...

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