Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Good Date - Part 2

We were off to begin our mystery date.  Laughter ensued and all my nervousness wore off by the time we reached the end of my street.  I remembered then that I really liked this guy.  He was pretty great on our first date.  I had forgotten how well we connected.  I mean, I remembered that I liked him ... I did sleep with him.  But, I had forgotten how much I actually liked him.

We drove for 5 minutes and he asked if I had tried a drink called a Four Loko.  I had not.  Apparently, it was the newest hood drink and I wasn't allowed to leave Houston without having one.  So, we stopped into the first corner store we came to.  They did indeed have the beverage, but it was less than frosty, so we continued on in search of a cold Four Loko. He came to another store, and this one had chilled Four Lokos in assorted flavors.  He purchased one for each of us and we continued on.

We did not head toward the city, but instead we drove into the dark.  Shady?  Yes, but I was willing to keep the faith and find out what else he had planned.  We pulled into a strip center with a tattoo parlor and a smoke shop.  He grabbed our drinks and we entered a side door and headed upstairs.  Also shady?  Not really.  It was a hookah lounge.  I am not sure if I told him or not, but I love hookah.  So far, his memory of our conversations was more than impressive, so I wouldn't be surprised if I had mentioned it.

We got settled on a couch in the corner and talked about my life in New England while smokin' on a mixture of 'Lady in Red' and 'Sex With an Ex.'  Since we were on the subject, we talked about past relationships and laughed through stories of lofty relationship aspirations.  By this time, I had figured out that a strip club was not on the agenda tonight.  I changed out of my heels and into my sandals and I got comfortable under the arm of my cute, attentive, smart, funny companion.  The lounge was BYOB, so we cracked open our drinks.  Being a gentleman, he had let me pick the flavors, so we shared a fruit punch and a watermelon.  Po-tent.  Man ... after my share and a bit of his, I was tipsy.  Not drunk ... I try to stay away from drunk on dates.

After an hour or so, he told me we had to be off to our next destination.  I was already having a great time.  But, apparently the night would continue on.  We drove a short distance and pulled into another dark strip.  This time, we were at the movies.  We weren't just at the movies.  We were at my favorite theatre.  A place where we could see a movie, order dinner and have a drink in the luxury of individual rolly chairs.  Did he also remember that this was my favorite theatre?  No way.  Just coincidence.

We proceeded straight to the counter where he picked up pre-purchased tickets to Piranha.  I didn't even remember saying I wanted to see this movie, but cheesy thrillers are a favorite of mine.  He said I had mentioned that I had to see it on our first date.  And ... it was RealD.  So, now it was confirmed.  I had never seen a RealD movie and I was determined to see one before summer was over.  He had remembered the details.  This was a tailor made date.  One specifically to fit me.  I would have thought this was an elaborate way to get me in the sack, but that already happened.  This was just a good date.  He liked me and he wanted me to have a good time.  I did.  Once in the theatre, I became a little kid.  I got a milk shake, a basket of fries and, later, a Blue Moon.  I had a fantastic time.  The movie was fast paced and we were the only people in the theatre, so we cracked jokes and commented the whole way through.  After the movie, he drove me home.  We made out in the driveway for a bit, then I pried myself away to get inside.

He had remembered everything I had told him on our first date.  It was thoughtful.  I am getting nervous about leaving again.  This always happens.  This was a nice break from thinking about my inevitable departure.  I have a crush on this one. The second date didn't end in sex or anything more interesting than a thank you text. I did briefly touch his penis during the movie, but that is neither here nor there.  We didn't go to a strip club or a motel.  He just took me to smoke hookah and see a cheesy flick.  He even got me a milkshake.*  This wasn't an X-rated date, it was just a simple tale of a really good date with a nice man.

*If you were wondering ... Yes.  Hookah + a milkshake + Four Loko + cheesy 3D thriller does equal a stomach ache the next day.  


  1. man, i keep hearing about this magical unicorn of a drink called four loko. i need to try it. wonder if they have any up here in ny!

    as for the date, it was sweet and i would have the pants charmed off me. not literally. maybe. i don't know. but nice story anyhow. :D

  2. I think I'm going to order a case of Four Loko when I get back to NE. Not sure if it can be shipped across state lines tho. Shit's like a speedball in a drink.


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