Saturday, August 7, 2010

Everybody Hates Chris

I don't like Chris Rock. I take issue with a lot of his comedy. It's my opinion. It will come into play later in the story....

For now, meet Todd. Todd is another online dating find. I found him and sent him a message. It was just regular protocol at this point. The online dating is getting tired for me lately. Once a day, I sign in and read 5 to 10 copied and pasted or overly explicit messages, I chat with my homeboy on their IM and then I log off. Occasionally, I get an interesting message from someone I might consider. I exchange IM info and we chat for a bit. Then, a phone number exchange might happen and if everything goes well, a brief video chat and an actual meeting.

This was exactly how it went with Todd. We exchanged a few texts. Then, on a day when I had PMS and really needed to get out, we made plans. He had sent me a late-night text the night before and I had been short with him. So, I texted to make amends and see if he was really about going out and not just down for a booty call. He was down. He picked me up at 7 o'clock and we ventured out on an early date. He was from my side of town, so we stayed close to home to avoid traffic.

Throughout the day, I had been a little irritated with his texts and thought that he was kind of cocky. Instead of being turned off by texts that could have had a misinterpreted tone, I decided I would meet him and at the very worst, we would butt heads and I would get to release some therapeutic pre-menstrual frustration. When we met, I realized this would not be the case. When we chatted, he had asked some questions about my appearance that had left me feeling a little self conscious. Was this dude going to be picking me apart or enjoying how great I am? He quickly dispelled those feelings by reminding me that looks weren't everything. This was true, but at the same time, we were both feeling each other in the looks department.

We arrived at a bar near our neck of the woods and we ordered a drink. We settled at a table, then he spotted an internet jukebox and suggested we pick some songs. As we stood at the jukebox, we flirted. He was tall and as I performed my designated task of flipping through the artist list, we laughed about song selections and lightly grazed each others' bodies; a little arm here ... a little hip there. He put his hand on the small of my back as I selected Lil' Troy.

It was a good date. He was tall, 6'4" to be exact. He was 32, I like 'em semi-grown. He was obviously from around my side of town. We had good chemistry and we were on the same page as far as relationships go. Actually, he was a little more open to the idea of a relationship, but he believed it took time to get there. So, with no expectations or limits, we drank our drinks, flirted on a couch in the corner and danced to Zydeco. The dancing was his doing, I just followed along and tried to keep up. It was a really good date. And the sun had yet to go down.

We took our leave of bar one and walked down to bar number 2. At some point, while we nursed our second drink and snuck in a little kissing, the sun went down. He leaned over and asked "What to do now?" ...

Stay tuned, Chris Rock will come into play ... I promise.

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