Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Departure - Part 1

So, my final night in Houston did not turn out the way I had expected.  I was going to stay in.  My mom was going to drop me at the airport on the way to work.  I was going to get some sleep. But, that wouldn't really do the last day of summer justice, so fate took over and everything changed.  All the things that were 'supposed' to happen fell by the wayside, and as per usual, I did what I wanted.

The morning of my departure, I was doing my daily internet browse and an instant message popped up.   It was not as routine as the daily messages I normally got from him.  “Hey.  When do you leave?”  I explained that I was flying out at 6am.  “You have a ride to the airport?”  My mother was going to take me.  The questions peeked my curiosity.  He didn’t usually ask questions like this without a reason.

I thought about that.  “He didn’t usually...”  What did I know from what he usually did?  The statement was funny, because I had only met him once and yet we had talked online every day for the past 2 months.  Most of our conversations revolved around my sexual experiences with other people.  There was a definite interest in the blog, but I had first slept with him before the blog’s inception.  He and I actually first brainstormed the idea of a blog together, post-coitus.  In my brief moments of ‘knowing’ him, we had co-conspired on the birth of a blog, in which, I would talk about my sexual explorations.  Past that, we knew nothing of each other.

It only took a few lines in the chat for him to ask if I wanted to spend my last night with him and he would drop me at the airport.  I had actually thought about doing this with Lewis, but he hadn’t offered, so I didn’t broach the idea.  But, this offer was very tempting.  The only hang up was that this would be my third guy in 4 days and I was dead tired.  Meh.  Tired was just one detail of what I was and one monkey don’t stop the show.  So, ride pending, I was going to spend my last night in Houston with The Beautiful One.  God is good.  
I texted him saying I wasn’t coming, because I was too emotional about leaving.  He said he understood, but I should consider crying on his shoulder.  That was it.  I was going.  I said my goodbyes to my family and Lynn picked my up from my folk’s house.  He had agreed to pick me up from Lynn’s place at 10. 

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