Friday, August 13, 2010

The Co-Worker

It just occurred to me that I have yet to write about The Co-Worker. He's actually The ExCo-Worker, but I don't really like the way that looks. Anyway, we worked together at the same corporate job at which I met Circle Cake. If you don't know, corporate jobs are a plethora of lay-able guys. It was the best part of that job. Actually, it was probably the only good part of that job. But, I digress.

The Co-Worker was funny and charming. Not the best looking guy I have ever dated, but I wasn't dating him. We were friends. We were the hot topic among the water cooler assholes, but we were safe. We weren't sleeping together. We never kissed, never held hands. Nothing. We really were just friends. But we had chemistry and everyone used to swear that we were either fuckin' or he was in love with me. The former was not the case. As for the latter, I can neither confirm nor deny this accusation.

There was one night at a bar we frequented after work. He and I got pretty comfortable. We both like to dance, so we were frequently dance partners. On that particular night, we took the chemistry off the dance floor and back to the table. The table was surrounded by a lounge-style couch and he and I got a little cozy in the corner. There was no kissing, but there was a little snuggling and I think we might have even held hands. It was comfortable. We were friends, after all.

Fast-forward a few years, to the begin. I was no longer at the job. I moved across the country, but we kept in touch. Every time I would visit, I would call him or show up at his job to say hi. This time was no different. He came out and met me at a bar one night and it happened. I realized how attracted I was to him. I hadn't really noticed it when I saw him every day, but this time was different. I wanted him. But, nothing happened that night. We just had a couple drinks and talked about old times while I stared at the veins in his forearms. I have a thing for arms. Don't know if I've mentioned that.

A few weeks later, some friends and I were out on a girl's night. As the night wound down, all of my friends and I all started getting texts and the head aimed at cell phone position was a sure fire sign that the booty call portion of the night had begun. Turned out we all had somewhere to go. One of my friends, Georgia was going to be leaving with the dj, but in order to cut out standing around and waiting for him to wrap things up and pack his shit, we decided to hit another bar until he texted. The other two ladies said their goodnights and headed off to meet the two lucky guys. Georgia and I hit a college bar on the nearby campus.

The bar was a ghost town. Georgia joked about the excellent male to female ratio, as there were 4 men to the 2 of us. I was dealing with pretty good odds all around. I had actually gotten two texts that night. One was from Circle Cake and the other was from The Co-Worker. A quiet bar gave me a chance to think about my options and run them by Georgia. Circle Cake would have been the easy pick. He was made for booty calls. All sex, no emotion. But, I wasn't really in the mood for easy, so I was entertaining the idea of meeting up with The Co-Worker. Georgia and I had a lot of laughs as we closed the vacant college bar. Then she drove me home. As I put the key into the door, I still wasn't sure where I would go.

That night, I would prove a lot of people right and bring a lot of (once false) rumors into the light of truth ...

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